Case Solution for Schibsted (A): Should We Launch “20 Minutes”?

Complete Case details are given below :
Case Name :      Schibsted (A): Should We Launch “20 Minutes”?
Authors :           Jean-Louis Schaan, Jordan Mitchell
Source :             Ivey Publishing
Case ID :            907M19
Discipline :        General Management
Case Length :    20 pages
Solution Sample availability : YES
Plagiarism : NO (100% Original work)
Description for case is given below :
The executive vice-president of newspapers for Schibsted was about to meet with his colleagues to discuss the company’s plan to release an internally developed free daily newspaper concept called 20 Minutes. Over the past couple of years, Schibsted’s executive team had kept a watchful eye on the free newspaper industry, which was enjoying tremendous popularity. Earlier in the year, Schibsted had launched Avis 1, a free paper with direct delivery to homes in Oslo, Norway. Looking to expand beyond their home country of Norway, Schibsted’s executives had developed a proposal to simultaneously launch 20 Minutes in Zurich, Switzerland, and Cologne, Germany. The executive vice-president of newspapers and his colleagues were scheduled to present this recommendation to Schibsted’s board of directors within a month. They were in the midst of preparing a financial and strategic analysis, since they were certain the board of directors would ask some tough questions. The supplemental case Schibsted (B): Should We Start Up “20 Minutes Cologne” Again?, describes the events folllowing.
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