Case Solution for Aquasi Marketing: Building and Managing an Online Brand

Case Solution & Analysis for Aquasi Marketing: Building and Managing an Online Brand by Anagha Shukre, Amit Pundir.

Complete Case details are given below :

Case Name :      Aquasi Marketing: Building and Managing an Online Brand
Authors :           Anagha Shukre, Amit Pundir
Source :              Ivey Publishing
Case ID :           9B16A035 / W16501
Discipline :        Marketing
Case Length :    08 pages
Plagiarism : NO (100% Original work)
Description for case is given below :
In February 2013, the senior marketing manager of Aquasi India (Private) Limited (Aquasi) met with the company’s chief executive officer to consider the challenges faced by Aquasi that had arisen due to globalization after March 1997. India’s competitive environment had completely changed; new technology had swept into the country and workers did not possess the essential skill sets to use the new machinery. Given sharp declines in quality and production output, Aquasi’s sales suffered significantly. The number of competitors increased and began to eat into the company’s market share. In the midst of these problems, Aquasi planned to develop and grow a web-based portal to manage the business in hopes that it would enable the company to move forward and survive in the difficult times ahead. However, the question remained as to how to implement this new online strategy; Aquasi’s marketing and information technology teams were novices with respect to digital media, and would face several challenges.
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