Case Solution for Telect Inc. and the 30-Year Ride: Edgy or Over the Edge?

Complete Case details are given below :

Case Name :      Telect Inc. and the 30-Year Ride: Edgy or Over the Edge?
Authors :           John J. Lawrence, Anubha Mishra
Source :             North American Case Research Association (NACRA)
Case ID :            NA0333
Discipline :        Strategy
Case Length :    12 pages
Solution Sample availability : YES
Plagiarism : NO (100% Original work)
Description for case is given below :
This case is set in November 2011. Wayne Williams, the CEO of Telect, Inc. has proposed that he and the company’s CFO, Stan Hilbert, spend a month or more riding around the country on their Harley Davidson motorcycles visiting the company’s customers in honor of the company’s upcoming 30th anniversary in September 2012. Wayne wants to take the ride to personally thank the customers who have helped the company reach this milestone and to showcase the firm’s product offerings. He would also like to find out from customers what more Telect could be doing to meet their needs. Stan is concerned that the ride could backfire and be misinterpreted by customers, eroding rather than enhancing customer relationships. He is also concerned that employees will not see the ride as the best use of the company’s resources and CEO and CFO’s time, and that the company may not want to take on the physical risks of having its executive team travel around the country by motorcycle. The students are put into the shoes of the CFO and must decide whether or not to support the ride. If they support the ride, they need to craft a strong argument for the ride to present to the company’s board of directors. If they decide not to support the ride, they need to craft a strong argument that will have a chance of convincing the CEO to change his mind about the ride. The case was written primarily for use in MBA and Executive Education strategy and/or executive leadership courses, but it is also suitable for use in an undergraduate level strategy or leadership course. The case focuses on strategic leadership and the role of the executive team in both shaping corporate culture and in developing and maintaining strong relationships with the organization’s stakeholders, and in particular, its customers.
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