De Beers Canada: The Attawapiskat Context Case Solution

Case Solution & Analysis for De Beers Canada: The Attawapiskat Context by Ron Mulholland.

Complete Case details are given below :

Case Name :      De Beers Canada: The Attawapiskat Context
Authors :           Ron Mulholland
Source :              Ivey Publishing
Case ID :           9B16M171 / W16671
Discipline :        General Management
Case Length :    13 pages
Plagiarism : NO (100% Original work)
Description for case is given below :
De Beers, a sophisticated, international mining company, operated the Victor Mine, an open pit diamond mine in Canada, located within traditional territory claimed by the Attawapiskat First Nation. To develop the mine, De Beers had to follow provincial and federal legislation, meet environmental standards, and most importantly, negotiate use of the land with the First Nation. Although the mine was successful, the First Nation community was suffering with health, education, and housing issues; rampant unemployment; and a remarkably high rate of suicide among its youth. Benefits negotiated in the mining agreement were not resolving the problems, despite the provision of employment opportunities and payment of millions of dollars to the First Nation. In frustration, the First Nation set up road blockades to stop work at the mine. De Beers now wanted to extend their mining operation by using a mine extension, but to do that, they had to seek further agreement from the Attawapiskat. Did the history of First Nations in Canada affect their relationship with De Beers? Were the stakeholders meeting their responsibilities? What lessons could be applied to negotiations for future developments?
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