Case Solution for Brookfield Properties: Crisis Leadership Following September 11th, 2001

Complete Case details are given below :
Case Name :      Brookfield Properties: Crisis Leadership Following September 11th, 2001
Authors :           Kathleen E. Slaughter, Elizabeth O’Neil
Source :             Ivey Publishing
Case ID :            902C65
Discipline :        Organizational Behavior
Case Length :    23 pages
Solution Sample availability : YES
Plagiarism : NO (100% Original work)
Description for case is given below :
Brookfield Properties is a publicly held, North American commercial real estate company focused on the ownership, management, and development of premier office properties located in the downtown core of selected North American markets. Most of Brookfield’s assets are in the United States, with headquarters in New York and an executive office in Toronto. Four of the properties that Brookfield owns are adjacent to the World Trade Center site and on September 11, 2001, the terrorist attacks had an immediate impact on Brookfield employees, tenants, and physical property. With little reliable information and in the face of chaos and human tragedy, the president and CEO must develop an action plan that will ensure the safety of all employees and tenants, deal with grief and suffering, assess the damage, enable the company to return to business as usual, and reassure investors and the media of the company’s commitment to restore Brookfield’s position of market strength.
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